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What should I wear to Sunday Services?
.....We welcome all: Dress-casual; retreat attire; suit/tie are not required....

What should my children wear?
... dress in comfortable attire....

Is your church accessible to wheelchairs?
.....Yes, Church, Fellowship Hall; first floor of Berg Haus retreat center. . . Accessible restrooms are available through the Fellowship Hall and the Berg Haus.

Is there childcare available during church?
. . .yes.....

If my child doesn't separate well, may she or he stay with me during the service?
. . .yes....

When is the communion service celebrated?
. . . first Sunday of the Month and on appropriate church calendar events.

Is there a Church History Book available?
. . . yes ...

Is the Berg Haus Retreat building available for community groups?
... yes...

Hill Lutheran Church and Fellowship Hall

Berg Haus Retreat Center

Hill Lutheran Church
998 North Mill Street
Lebanon, PA 17046
(717) 867-2112

Questions about our church? Contact our Pastor; 717-867-2112
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